Disruptive AI

Israel’s first AI-focused Venture Capital,
brings a unique advantage to early-stage
startups, aiming high with AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of next-generation innovation, and Israel is at the heart of AI. Disruptive AI is the home to the Israeli AI innovation community, shaping the universe of venture creation.
Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, and perform human-like tasks or achieve super-human capabilities in aspects of speed. scale, and accuracy. As a rising science technology, it takes an expert to deeply understand, evaluate and direct the path of execution, from early-stage to growth

We partner with passionate and visionary 
entrepreneurs to create success with 
deep domain expertise and remarkable 
AI  technologies.


Early leadership in the AI community met with
many years of successful entrepreneurial
experience, and here lay the foundations of
Gathered top-notch team to back and power early-stage
AI startups with a founder-centric approach and 24/7
holistic 360 deg hands-on support.


We look for passionate and visionary entrepreneurs to create success with deep
domain expertise and remarkable AI technologies.

AI Universe

Disruptive AI is the home for the Israeli AI innovation community.
We are devoted to building and empowering our community of
entrepreneurs, leaders, business executives, researchers, technologists, and
AI enthusiasts. An open and accessible, vibrant community that makes the
journey insightful for all.

Disruptive AI VC

Leading investments in early-
stage rounds

AI Community

Welcoming all
AI global enthusiasts
to join, collaborate and share

Value creation

Values for Entrepreneurs or corporates,
that the vision of AI grasps their minds.

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