Our story

Early leadership in the AI community met with many
years of successful entrepreneurial experience and
impressive company backing traction to lay the
foundations of disruption.

As the first Israeli AI specialized fund, we are leading the
category of early-stage AI ventures
Gathered a top-notch team to back and power early-stage AI
startups with a founder-centric approach.

Investing paradigm

why ai

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is where computers learn from experience, without being specifically programmed. In the age of Data Science, AI will be the most disruptive technology in every aspect of human life. As a deep-tech technology class, the art of AI innovation and execution is still in its early days and rarely mastered.

We believe that specializing in early-stage AI ventures, will allow us to contribute the most of our unique experience and foster successful companies.

We invest where we see great teams and ideas with the potential of AI to disrupt markets and industries.

We are partnering with teams from very early stages, ideation or initial thoughts (pre-seed round), to late-early-stage, demonstrating business traction (seed+, A round).

Our unique value
for a startup

360 deg.

We work together to provide entrepreneurs with the backing for pushing the boundaries of what is possible. A 360° of critical aspects for building extraordinary companies.

Our process

from ideation
through funding
& post funding

Our added value is along the journey of entrepreneurship. From way Before funding, through the steps of building a company that scales and all the way to a unicorn size. We are active, hands-on partners in close relationships with our portfolio teams.
passionate and visionary entrepreneurs with deep domain expertise and
remarkable AI technologies, we are waiting for you.