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AI meets Disruption

Israel's first AI-focused Venture Capital,
brings a unique advantage to early-stage
startups, aiming high with AI.

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Disruptive AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is where computers learn from experience, without
being specifically programmed. In the age of Data Science, AI will be the
most disruptive technology in every aspect of human life. As a deep-tech
technology class, the art of AI innovation and execution is still in its early days
and rarely mastered.

AI is the heart of next-generation innovation; Israel is at the heart of AI.
Disruptive AI is leading the AI innovation community with a vibrant global
ecosystem of research, networking, and collaboration between talented
entrepreneurs and experienced executers.

We look for passionate and visionary entrepreneurs to create success with deep
domain expertise and remarkable AI technologies.


Our team brings hands-on experience building
successful companies.
With a founder-centric approach, we back talented entrepreneurs in great ventures and increase their chances of success.

A diverse leading team with a proven track record
in tech-startups, AI execution, early-stage to
growth, deep tech, and academic research.

We work together to provide entrepreneurs with
the backing for pushing the boundaries of what is
possible. A 360° of critical aspects for building
extraordinary companies.

Disruptive AI
Tal Disruptive AI
Disruptive AI
Yorai Disruptive AI
Disruptive AI
Gadi Disruptive AI
Disruptive AI
Illit Disruptive AI
Disruptive AI
Izhar Disruptive AI


Disruptive AI is the home for the Israeli AI innovation community.
We are devoted to building and empowering our community of
entrepreneurs, leaders, business executives, researchers, technologists, and
AI enthusiasts. An open and accessible, vibrant community that makes the
journey insightful for all.

Venture Capital

Leading early-stage investments
in AI startups

Founder’s Club

Dozens of involved partners,
unicorns' founders actively sharing
years of experience

AI Community

Welcoming all
AI global enthusiasts
to join, collaborate and share

with us.

Drive your innovation, Fund your startup, Join the AI community!
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